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Collected inside 90 days

Commission only charged on monies recovered

Our rate remains the same whether it takes us a single day to recover your debt or an entire year. It’s in our interest to act as quickly as possible.

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Ancillary Services

Our ancillary services are available to all our clients. If a case requires a specific service such as legal action or debtor tracing, the associated issuing cost will be explained to you before any speculative action is taken and we will require your express instruction before undertaking any fee incurring work.

No collection, no commission

In most cases, our typical commission rate is 15%, and we only charge commission if we successfully collect. Which means we’re fully focused on getting results.

Dependent on our clients’ terms and conditions, or relevant legislation, costs may also be recovered where we are legally able to do so.

“We used Redwood Collections on what seemed like a hopeless cause, a January invoice that the clients were blaming the non-payment on the Coronavirus outbreak and time and time again just refused to pay on the basis that their business had been forced into lockdown.

Redwood Collections were swift and very professional and opened and shut the whole deal in around 8 weeks with our account being fully paid with interest.

I was fearful at first of going down this route, but I needn’t have been, it was a painless experience and ultimately, after all the aggravation that I had had from the clients, it was a very satisfying experience.

Thank you Redwood Collections, I would have no hesitation in using you again, or recommending you to anyone in a similar position to us.”

Keith Hunt Scaffolding Ltd.

“We as a company have not in the past had many problems with late or non-payers, however, we did have one customer than proved particularly difficult, presenting a host of invalid excuses and reasons for non-payment and despite months of correspondence and threats of legal action – it was all to no avail.

By coincidence, we received an email advertising flyer from Redwood Collections and pretty much in desperation we passed the case to them, realising that if successful, it would be a relatively low cost option to pursue the debts.

We are pleased to say that within a month of them receiving the case, settlement was reached and payment was made.

As you might expect we are delighted with the outcome, the level of prompt and efficient service received and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone in a similar position.”

TC Construction

“We approached Redwood Collections after one of our clients had refused to pay their last outstanding invoice and after many months of failed attempts to contact them direct without any acknowledgment, we passed all their details across to Redwood Collections

They talked us through their process and contacted us at each stage to give us feedback. We were totally over the moon when our client eventually settled our invoice and was so happy with the service we received from them.

We would highly recommend Redwood Collections, thank you again for all your help.”

Avalon Builders London


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