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Complaint rate

Commission only charged on monies recovered

Our rate remains the same whether it takes us a single day to recover your debt or an entire year. It’s in our interest to act as quickly as possible.

All Services

Ancillary Services

Our ancillary services are available to all our clients. If a case requires a specific service such as legal action or debtor tracing, the associated issuing cost will be explained to you before any speculative action is taken and we will require your express instruction before undertaking any fee incurring work.

No collection, no commission

In most cases, our typical commission rate is 15%, and we only charge commission if we successfully collect. Which means we’re fully focused on getting results.

Dependent on our clients’ terms and conditions, or relevant legislation, costs may also be recovered where we are legally able to do so.

Easing the burden

Credit control can be a time-consuming process. For a small business, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to dedicate to chasing debt, while even larger companies with credit control staff frequently need a hand with stubborn debtors. Which is where a partner with experience, expertise and a persistent, professional approach can prove priceless.

“The collection of debts is vital to any business where credit is offered and whilst at our school fees should be paid in advance this is not always the case.

We operate a very effective credit control at school and I take pride in the great job that my team does to collect fees. However, there are some that we do not manage to collect despite our very best efforts.

These debts are referred to you and so far you have a 100% success rate of making these parents pay school what is legally owed to school. We have tried other debt collection agencies previously but with little success.

The combination of our efforts and your expertise means that the school has a very good track record of debt collection and the last set of statutory accounts actually shows the school making a profit on bad debts as we collected on debts that had previously been provided for.”

Stover School

“May I take this opportunity of saying how pleased we are with the service delivered by your organisation. You are the consummate professionals in what can be a less than glamorous undertaking. You have kept us involved and updated throughout the various proceedings and the sound advice, guidance and personal service were exactly the approach we were looking for.

Your persistence when dealing with debtors and your expert knowledge of the systems available to you as debt collectors has resulted in an impressive performance in the recovery of debts over the past year. I am more than contend to endorse your company to those whom might have the need of debt recovery.”

Burgess Hill School for Girls

“Engaging Redwood Collections to undertake fee debt collection has improved the efficiency of debt collection and allowed the finance team to focus on its principal activities. Where initial attempts to secure payment have failed, it has been beneficial to be able to engage a third party to pursue the matter professionally and objectively. Often, the mere involvement of Redwood Collections prompts a payment from a debtor who has been unwilling to prioritise a debt to the school.”

Wells Cathedral School


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To recover bad debts from non-payers, simply turn to the team who have helped many others in your position recoup what they are rightfully owed.

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