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Commission only charged on monies recovered

Our rate remains the same whether it takes us a single day to recover your debt or an entire year. It’s in our interest to act as quickly as possible.

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Ancillary Services

Our ancillary services are available to all our clients. If a case requires a specific service such as legal action or debtor tracing, the associated issuing cost will be explained to you before any speculative action is taken and we will require your express instruction before undertaking any fee incurring work.

No collection, no commission

In most cases, our typical commission rate is 15%, and we only charge commission if we successfully collect. Which means we’re fully focused on getting results.

Dependent on our clients’ terms and conditions, or relevant legislation, costs may also be recovered where we are legally able to do so.

“Hugh James has an excellent working relationship with Redwood Collections. We are regularly instructed to issue volume bankruptcy and winding up petitions with a view to recovery for their clients.

We are particularly impressed by the effective pre-action work undertaken by Redwood Collections which makes our job easier as solicitors taking matters forward on their behalf. Their team provide an excellent standard of client care and are always accessible and highly professional. They are extremely knowledgeable and proficient in relation to debt recovery and ensure that cases are dealt with as cost effectively and expeditiously as possible.”

Hugh James, Top 100 Law Firm

“We have been using Redwood Collections for the past year and bear witness to the excellent service they provide and the speed at which they collect monies owed on our behalf. I have always found the company to be courteous, flexible to meet the client’s requirements and respectful whilst pursuing payment for outstanding debts.

Robert Dyas

“I found my overall experience was very good with Redwood Collections from the initial contact to the follow up call and then on to the account owner who dealt exclusively with our case.

Redwood Collections were at all times professional and courteous. They updated me on any progress in the case and were open to the options available to us.

While I felt that this case would be a difficult case to get any positive outcome, Redwood persevered and found an equitable solution.

I feel that Orafol got good value for money as there was a lot of chasing and follow up calls done by Redwood which I would not have been prepared to do.”

Orafol Europe GmbH

“We have been using Redwood Collections for a while now and would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed we are with the service that has been provided with regular updates, good communication skills and professional and effective service.

We have been particularly impressed with how our account manager dealt with our accounts resulting in a collection rate of over 20 cases of more than 100%. This is due to debt recovery charges and interest being recovered over and above the principal debt in most instances.

If we should encounter any future debts, we will have no hesitation in using Redwood Collections again. We also would not hesitate to recommend them on the basis of the outstanding service that we have received.”

Topps Tiles Ltd.


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