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Commission only charged on monies recovered

Our rate remains the same whether it takes us a single day to recover your debt or an entire year. It’s in our interest to act as quickly as possible.

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Anciallry Services

Our ancillary services are available to all our clients. If a case requires a specific service such as legal action or debtor tracing, the associated issuing cost will be explained to you before any speculative action is taken and we will require your express instruction before undertaking any fee incurring work.

No collection, no commission

In most cases, our typical commission rate is 15%, and we only charge commission if we successfully collect. Which means we’re fully focused on getting results.

Dependent on our clients’ terms and conditions, or relevant legislation, costs may also be recovered where we are legally able to do so.

“It is approaching one year since we first signed the contract with Redwood to take over the recovery of our Human Resources debts which arise as a result of overpaid remuneration. Often these debts which arise as a result of remuneration. Often these debts are a result of someone leaving at short notice and the payroll cut-off has already elapsed.

I am very pleased we made the decision to outsource this piece of work. I have found Redwood to be experts in their field, very professional, listening to our needs, providing good management information and successful in debt recovery. Early on in the contract we decided to revise the process and the content of letters and you worked in partnership with us when making these changes.

I would be very happy to speak to any new potential new clients and endorse Redwood should the need arise.”

Atos IT Services

“We have been using Redwood Collections for over two years now to recover outstanding debts from the occasional “problem payers” we encounter.

Initially, we employed them as a last resort on a no-win no-fee basis for one particular debtor after we had exhausted all other routes ourselves. In all honesty, we didn’t expect to recover any of the money after we had looked into the “chequered history” of this debtor, so we had nothing to lose.

Although the process took months, the outcome far exceeded our expectations – we recovered a very significant amount of money including interest and costs – this was money that we had effectively earmarked as bad debt that we had expected to write off until this point.

Since then, we have used Redwood on a number of occasions with very good results. Our experience has been that they are realistic about what you might expect to recover and will be very upfront about what is achievable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Redwood when chasing difficult payers and we have used their services with extremely good results ever since.”

Alchemis Holdings Ltd.

“We have been using the professional services of Redwood Collections to deal with our debt collection matters for the last 4 years. We continue to find them to be excellent, proactive and productive and they have continually kept us informed on the progress they are making with the debtors.

As they look after many Funeral Director clients, they are aware of the delicate nature of debt collection in our profession and we have no hesitation in recommending them to our fellow professionals.”

Leverton & Sons Ltd.


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