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Independent schools

Independent schools


The complete debt collection solution for independent schools

Redwood Collections are the trusted name in debt collection for independent schools, collecting several million in unpaid fees each year - compliantly and fairly. Our levels of service and performance are unmatched in the industry.


Flexible and contract-free

We do not ask clients to enter into a fixed a formal contact (unless preferred), nor do we charge joining fees or monthly charges. We simply charge a 15% commission on monies recovered, with legal services charged on a case-by-case basis at competitive rates.

High performance

We have collected more than £14,000,000 of unpaid school fees for independent schools, with almost two thirds of debts referred to us resulting in successful collection. All this with extremely low complaint levels and our clients’ impeccable reputations upheld.

Appropriate legal action

For cases requiring additional lean, we are vastly experienced in recommending the right kind of legal action to instigate against your debtors. We drive forward legal action in-house, saving our clients from over-involvement in a lengthy process.

We are pleased to have added ParentCheck+ to our range of services for independent schools. This product allows schools screen their parents to check for certain criminal activity, presence upon sanctions list, political exposure and more. ParentCheck+ scans hundreds of worldwide databases maintained by governments other organisations and highlights those who may be cause for concern and possible reporting to the Nation Crime Agency. Click to launch ParentCheck+ website.

Learn more about our compliance arrangements on our compliance and accreditation page.

Regulation & accreditation

We believe in keeping our schools fully informed of the progress of their cases. To this end all our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager and given his/her direct contact details. We also provide online case access and monthly reports in hard copy.

Communication & reporting