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What is debtor tracing and when do you need to use it?

In the world of debt collection, locating a debtor can sometimes be as challenging as collecting the debt itself.

Whether the debtor has changed addresses, altered contact information or has simply disappeared, tracking them down is crucial for the recovery process. This is where debtor tracing comes into play.

So what is debtor tracing?

Debtor tracing is the process of locating individuals who owe money but changed residences. It involves using various methods and resources to track down a debtor's new address, phone number, place of employment and other contact information. 

We include debtor tracing as part of our service to ensure that we can effectively communicate with and recover debts from seemingly vanished individuals.

How do we trace?

To trace debtors, we use a combination of sophisticated tools and techniques. We’re able to access various public and privately-run databases that contain a wealth of information, such as credit reports, utility bills and the electoral roll. 

In today's digital age, many people leave a trail of information online, enabling us to utilise advanced systems capable of conducting searches based on email addresses and last known home addresses. By leveraging these resources, we can piece together the necessary information to locate debtors who have become difficult to find.

When do you need to use debtor tracing?

There are several scenarios where debtor tracing becomes essential:

  • Non-responsive debtors: If a debtor stops responding to calls, emails or letters, it may indicate that they have changed their contact information without notifying the creditor. Tracing helps in re-establishing communication.
  • Address changes: Debtors may move without leaving a forwarding address. This is common in situations where individuals are attempting to evade debt repayment.
  • Returned mail: If letters or bills sent to a debtor are returned as undeliverable, it is a clear sign that tracing is needed to find the correct address.
  • Evasive debtors: In cases where debtors deliberately move away to avoid repayment, more intensive tracing techniques may be required to locate them. This is a common issue faced by landlords with tenants with unpaid rent. 
  • Legal requirements: Sometimes, for legal proceedings or judgments, it’s necessary to serve papers to a debtor’s current address. Tracing ensures that legal documents are delivered correctly.

Why Debtor Tracing is Important

Debtor tracing is not just about finding a person; it's about ensuring that justice is served and is crucial because:

  • Increased recovery rates: Successful debt recovery starts with accurately identifying the debtor and confirming their home address
  • Legal compliance: Properly tracing and contacting the correct individual ensures that we comply with all legal requirements and avoid potential legal pitfalls
  • Customer relations: Effective tracing helps maintain a professional relationship with debtors, allowing us to negotiate repayment terms and avoid unnecessary collection methods
  • Resource efficiency: Tracing allows us to use our resources more efficiently, focusing our efforts on debtors who can be contacted and engaged in the repayment process
  • Accuracy and reliability: Using sophisticated tools minimises the risk of human error, ensuring that our tracing efforts are precise and dependable

Undoubtedly, debtor tracing is a vital tool in debt collection. It involves a combination of technology, investigation and persistence to locate individuals who owe money but have become hard to find. 

Redwood provides open-ended tracing as standard, meaning we won’t give up if we cannot locate your debtor straight away. Allowing our clients to rest easy knowing that we are on the case until we find the results we need.

If you're facing challenges with non-responsive or hard-to-find debtors, debtor tracing might be the solution you need. Our experienced debt collection experts are equipped with the tools and expertise to locate debtors and help recover what is rightfully yours. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in your debt recovery efforts and help your business Grow Stronger.

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