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What evidence do I need if someone owes me money?

Recovering money that is rightfully yours can often feel like a daunting task. It's a scenario no one wants to find themselves in, but if you do, it’s essential to be equipped with the right information and support.

Whether it’s a company or an individual that owes you money, knowing what evidence you need is the first step towards a resolution.

If your debtor is an individual

First and foremost, you’ll need proof of the debt. This could be in the form of an overdue invoice or a contract outlining the payment terms.

If your agreement was made verbally, don’t lose hope. A written confirmation, such as a text message or an email simply expressing gratitude for the loan, can serve as powerful evidence. These communications are key, capturing the intent behind the transaction and proving that it was indeed a loan, and not a gift.

You’ll also need the debtor’s full name and address. If you don’t know your debtor's address, agencies like Redwood Collections can trace your debtor using state-of-the-art software to scan various databases.

If your debtor is a company

If you’re owed money by a company, the requirements simplify somewhat – you need only the company’s name alongside proof of the debt.

What if I don't have hard-proof of the debt?

It’s not uncommon, and while it may seem like a lost cause, it’s far from being a dead end. Look for any correspondence that hints at the agreement or the intention behind the transaction.

Perhaps, at the time of the loan, there were emails or texts exchanged that shed light on what was agreed. Or maybe a mutual friend or acquaintance who was aware of your discussions can provide a statement confirming the details of the loan.

The absence of evidence won't necessarily dismiss your case. The small claims court exists for these types of disputes, where the focus is on persuading a judge about the nature of the transaction. It’s about painting a picture that shows “on the balance of probability” an agreement for this transaction was made. This is where your narrative supported by any form of written correspondence, emails, texts, or witness statements, becomes key.

We know that outstanding invoices can be a real hassle and the strain on your business may be detrimental. Just remember, every piece of evidence counts, and with the right support, reclaiming what is yours is more achievable than you might think.

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