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What difference can a debt collection agency make in helping me get paid?

Sometimes it’s as simple as a different voice asking the questions. Someone who has been there, done it, and knows which levers to pull, buttons to press, and paths to pursue to get the right result and successfully recover an outstanding debt.

Let’s be honest, knowing the ins and outs of how best to recover a debt is unlikely to be your specialist subject. You have your own business to run. You don’t have the time to write emails, letters, or make the number of phone calls required to successfully recover what you’re rightfully owed. Fortunately, a dedicated debt collection agency does. No matter how old the debt, or elusive the customer, a team of experienced professionals should have the wherewithal and means to locate and collect.

Leaving you free to take care of business

Appointing an established, expert debt collection agency to recover any outstanding monies on your behalf is a smart move. They do what they do best, leaving you free to focus on your own special skill. Which is to continue making your business even better. You want to be using your employees’ time in a valuable, productive manner, so when there are specialists out there who can recover the debt for you, why not use them?

Building your brand

Your brand will only benefit once you’ve recovered what you’re owed. Improved cash flow will enhance your reputation, building respect in your sector and ultimately helping you grow stronger as a business.

A process that delivers results

A proven process, one that a specialist, dedicated debt collection agency will follow to recover your debt, is to first assign a dedicated account manager to your business. With insight and understanding of a wide range of industries, an experienced and personable account manager will respond to debt-referred requests promptly, quickly getting up-to-speed on the case and establishing a dialogue with you as soon as possible. An account manager who’s been there and seen it all before will also be aware of the full suite of legal and insolvency actions available and won’t be afraid to use them in pursuit of your debt. Your agency should also supply regular, hard copy, progress reports, with 24/7 online access to your case readily available.

No joining fee or long-term contract?

To be honest, a decent debt collection agency wants clients to return to them for the quality of their results-driven service, rather than being contractually obligated to do so. Which means they won’t always ask clients to enter a fixed contract and won’t necessarily charge a joining fee or make monthly charges.

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Experienced and trusted

Remember, it’s essential your chosen agency works to the letter of law and always regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and following Credit Service Association (CSA) guidelines. At Redwood Collections we can recover your debt and more. Determined to make your life easier, we display the utmost respect for our clients and their debtors alike, quickly, and efficiently, working towards your chosen goal. Which is recovering what you’re owed and leaving you free to focus on your future business success.

The bottom line is we’re right there when you need us, ready to help you to build on your hard work and success. Ready to improve your profits and your reputation. Ready to help you grow stronger.

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