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Protecting your school: inside ParentCheck+

In today’s world, the importance of maintaining vigilant on relationships we forge has never been more crucial, especially when it comes to the education sector.

That's why we’ve produced ParentCheck+, a comprehensive screening solution designed to protect your school from potential risks and uphold your reputation. Let's dive into how ParentCheck+ works.

Guard Against Potential Problems Effortlessly

ParentCheck+ is your go-to service for conducting powerful batch screenings of your customer list, ensuring your school isn't unknowingly associated with individuals linked to adverse activities. From scanning over 35,000 news sources in more than 50 languages for adverse media to referencing a list of more than 1.4 million Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their associates, ParentCheck+ leaves no stone unturned. It also checks all important international sanction lists and identifies individuals with money laundering links, therefore shielding your school from unwanted legal and PR nightmares.

How Does ParentCheck+ Work?

We've made using ParentCheck+ as straightforward as possible. Once your school signs up, simply submit a list of your current or potential customers. Our system then processes these lists and flags any individuals with potential matches to adverse information.

Ensuring Compliance and Protecting Your Reputation

ParentCheck+ ensures compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), offering peace of mind that your school's actions are both lawful and respectful of privacy. The service operates without leaving a 'footprint' on individuals' credit files, as it is not a credit-checking service. This means you can use the service without needing explicit permission from your customers, under specific GDPR conditions.

Pricing Options Tailored to Your Needs

ParentCheck+ offers flexible pricing options to suit the varied needs of schools. Whether you need a one-off search, a bundle of ten search credits or a comprehensive scan of your entire customer database, we have a package that fits. Our pricing is designed to be accessible while delivering immense value to your school by protecting its brand and reputation.

In conclusion, ParentCheck+ is more than just a screening service; it's a vital step towards ensuring your school's integrity and reputation remain unblemished. By choosing ParentCheck+, you're not just making a decision to protect your school; you're taking a stand for the safety and well-being of your entire school community.

Reach out to today to learn more about how ParentCheck+ can benefit your school. Together, let's ensure your school's reputation can only Grow Stronger.

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