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Why independent schools need customer due diligence

“We need to go after the people who have not played their part. So the purveyors of luxury goods, the public schools ... who don’t ask many questions if suspicious people come along”

- Ben Wallace MP, Minister for Security

“Independent schools have a responsibility to carry out customer due diligence and, if they are suspicious, to file a report.”

- National Crime Agency (NCA)

ParentCheck+ enables powerful batch screening

With our powerful ParentCheck+ system you have the ability to securely, discreetly and compliantly screen your customer list. ParentCheck+ simultaneously scans hundreds of worldwide databases maintained by governments and other organisations, in order to check for the following:

Adverse media:
A scan will also be conducted using an extensive database of persons who have links to illicit activities from 35,000+ news sources in 50+ languages.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs):
ParentCheck+ references a list of more than 1.4 million PEPs, as well as their family members & associates, to identify high-profile individuals.

The most important international sanction lists (European Union, United Nations, FBI etc.) will be searched to ensure that the school is not forbidden from doing business with the parents.

Money laundering links:
Individuals with money laundering links should be of serious concern to schools. ParentCheck+ can reveal such offenders and protect the school from prosecution.

You will receive a report highlighting any possible matches between your customers and adverse information as above. Based on this information you will be able to decide how best to fulfil your statutory reporting obligations as per the NCA. (See

The report information could also help save schools from extremely bad publicity.

How it works

Using ParentCheck+ couldn’t be easier. Once signed up to the service, you may submit a list of your current or prospective customers up to three times per year. We will process the lists and return to you any subjects with possible matches to adverse information.

As with our other services, ParentCheck+ is a managed service. We will do the work for you; there is no need to create an account or self-serve.

You need not disclose full information. First name, last name are the minimum requirements but, if they are available, date of birth and nationality will greatly reduce “false positives”. ParentCheck+ uses a low match threshold by design, meaning that records that even tenuously relate to a subject referred to us will be included in the screening results for thoroughness.


The introduction of the GDPR has placed data protection under the spotlight more than ever. When using ParentCheck+, schools can rest assured that they are dealing with a company that is correctly registered with the ICO as data controllers.

No “footprint” is left on any subject’s credit file as ParentCheck+ is not a credit-checking service. No permission is required from your customers as you have a lawful basis for processing the data in such a manner under reasons c) and f) of article 6 of the GDPR.

We have in place measures with our data sources to ensure that they too are compliant with the requirements of the GDPR.


ParentCheck+ prices depend on pupil numbers:

School size              Annual fee
Up to 500 pupils £1,500.00
Up to 1,000 pupils £2,250.00
Up to 1,500 pupils £3,000.00
More than 1,500 / groups £POA

Please contact our specialist education department on 020 8288 3594 for further information. Sample reports are available upon request.