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Legal & Insolvency

Legal and insolvency


Redwood Collections has extensive experience of both corporate and individual insolvency actions. With cost effective techniques developed over many years, insolvency action is our preferred strategy in the majority of cases. Our expertise in this legal field means we can instigate insolvency proceedings immediately once we have concluded that our pre-legal efforts have been exhausted.

Unlike most debt collection agencies we have a panel of highly regarded solicitors and insolvency practitioners retained by us. We offer professional and effective solutions to your enforcement needs that dovetail seamlessly with our core debt recovery services. Our experience has shown that prospective bankruptcy or liquidation is the most effective legal action to ensure debtors that can pay do pay.

By driving each debt case from the first telephone call to full insolvency proceedings, Redwood Collections enjoys an excellent success rate across its diverse portfolio of clients.


  • Statistically far more effective than a court claim

  • Costs are largely recoverable from the debtor’s assets

  • Not open to instalment offers from the debtor

  • Can be used to enforce an existing CCJ

  • Even in the event of few assets the judge may make a monthly payment order

County Court claims

As well as insolvency action, Redwood Collections will also suggest county court proceedings are issued where appropriate. A county court claim will include contractual or statutory interest, court issue fees and fixed solicitors costs, all to be added to the outstanding balance in the event Judgment is awarded in our client’s favour.

Once judgment is awarded, Redwood Collections are experts in identifying the best available enforcement options for your debtor. Tracing, asset investigation and field agent reports are all available to our client to help inform their decision as to how best to proceed. Using these tools alongside our extensive experience, we collect millions of pounds by utilising enforcement options such as high court enforcement officers, charging orders and even post-judgment insolvency proceedings.

By offering debt collection and integrated legal services under one roof, Redwood Collections offers the most effective approach to your debt recovery requirements.


  • Suitable for ironing out disputes between two parties

  • CCJs can be enforced as above if not paid after 28 days

  • Registered on the defendant’s credit file for 6 years