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Trace & Investigation

Trace & investigation


Locate your debtor

Tracing and investigating absconding debtors is a key part of Redwood Collection’s operational process and one of the exceptional strengths of the business. Alongside our highly experienced investigation professionals and information databases, we have invested in state-of-the-art information technology systems to trace debtors through their credit footprint. Many businesses write off millions of pounds every year simply because they cannot contact their debtors and therefore cannot bring a legal case against them. From commercial tracing to ‘gone away’ missing people, we can locate and re-establish contact to pave the way for further debt collection activity. All of our trace and investigation activity is conducted professionally and is compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), FCA regulations etc.

Asset tracking

As part of establishing a complete financial profile of debtors, we seek to compile the net assets of individuals or businesses prior to litigation. Segmentation of large portfolios to single investigations is handled with the same forensic detail that underpins all aspects of our business. A full asset report on the debtor gives our clients the ability to make strategically informed decisions on how to best proceed. Our asset tracking services go beyond electronic and database research, often combining covert site visits by our field agents to establish viable valuation estimates of premises, equipment and business activity. Key assets are photographed and documented for the asset report and to assist potential legal action. Working at both pre-contract and post-debt stages of business, Redwood Collections’ asset tracking and credit check services offer a complete financial picture of your customers and their business.

Business credit checking

As part of our Trace & Investigations department we offer a comprehensive credit check and financial report service on your prospective B2B customers. Credit checking can help you make the right decision before extending credit to potential bad debtors, in turn improving cash flow and reducing your debt exposure. At Redwood Collections our credit reports go beyond simple financial performance analysis to deliver a complete financial profile of your potential customer. We can provide a three-tier reporting scheme utilising the services of the three largest credit referencing agencies in the country combined with our own asset tracking and investigation procedures. Depending on the extent of information you require, recommendations will be made indicating the level of reporting we believe necessary given the scale of the potential contract.